Thematic area #6

Skill Development

We can perform both primary and secondary research for the firms, corporations, or government sector. We run programs also to help you or your students to develop/upgrade skills. We can apply various methodologies and help you to answer your queries through our well-developed research services. We offer a range of services- data collection, data analysis, desk research, literature reviews, secondary research, statistical consulting, report writing, presentation and provide recommendations.

Research on necessary skills required

We can evaluate the necessary skills required by the firms, industries, and countries. We can help to find the necessary skill set required for a job.

Evaluating company employee's skills

We organize programs to evaluate the company employee’s skills and their capability to handle complex business problems. We also provide an assessment certification to the company and its employees.

Skill development programs

We conduct skill development programs in universities, colleges, companies, and also for individuals. Skills generally decline with time over the course of months and years.  You may lose ground if you don’t periodically evaluate your abilities. We help you to upgrade your skillset so that you can remain competitive in your field.

Secondary research on occupational skills

We provide a varied level of research based on industry-specific occupation. Research that features skills necessity can, in turn, contribute to more effective and sustainable development initiatives. We offer recommendations and evaluate the impact of policies on skills.