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We have experienced professionals to assist you with your needs. We take pride in offering quality services. Our client's satisfaction keeps us going. We offer wide-ranging services to our clients. We work from the data collection process to the preparation of reports and power points. We also offer university and individual skill training programs.

Exploring International and National markets for Trade

Conducting market study of national and international markets. By providing empirical evidence and strategies, we...

Research in Social Science like Poverty, Gender, Sustainable Development Goals

Focus of our Research. Research in our department focuses on various social science research topics,...

Statistical Consulting

Application Our statistical consulting services are available to government, corporations, and development organizations. Our speciality...

Who we are !

We are researchers to help you with your data needs

We believe in providing qualitative services to our clients. We believe that data is the revolution. It brings insights to our world and can help magnify the research avenues in every sector.

  • Conducting Primary Research for your research needs
  • Analyzing data based on Secondary Sources
  • Preparing a Machine Learning Model and doing forecasts
  • Performing Statistical Modelling based on your research question
  • Evaluating Policies and their impact on the sector
  • Organizing Training Programs for skill development and upgradation
Our strength!

We believe proper research and data can help any organization and economic sector solve their issues.

We are the data cupids who believe a gap between demand and supply of data analytics and machine learning skills can be filled through our engagement.

We are ready to help you with all kinds of your research and data needs.

Thematic area #1


  • Analyzing Firm’s Performance
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Identifying Competition
  • Evaluating Impact
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Thematic area #2


  • Analyzing Trade Patterns
  • Analyzing role in Global value chains
  • Macroeconomic trend analysis
  • Critical Evaluations of Policies
  • Other Researches
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Thematic area #3

Social Sector

  • Research based on Gender
  • Inequality research
  • Research based on Wages
  • Other social sectors
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Thematic area #4

Technology & Innovation

  • Computing Indices
  • Understanding Role of Innovation
  • Other Research
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Thematic area #5

Energy, climate change, and sustainability

  • Evaluating Energy usage
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
  • Evaluating changes in Climate
  • Other Research
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Thematic area #6

Skill Development

  • Research on necessary skills required
  • Evaluating company employee's skills
  • Skill development programs
  • Secondary research on occupational skills
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Following are the major themes in which we assist for the analysis:


What client say about us!

Small gestures by our clients that make us proud for our services

Using my Amazon Sales data, they provided me insights into the product that are having the most sales, cost, and benefit ratio and highlighted the products that can be sold with greater profits.

Manager, Imodish

I have been trained to work on research. They were very supportive and helped me to understand how data analytics actually worked outside the books. After training, I got a placement offer from 5 companies.

Student, University of Sydney

Data Chanakya has recommended to me how to expand the toy business in India. They highlighted the foreign and domestic competition especially in terms of price and quality. They pointed out the cities where we can set up factories.

Senior Consultant, Anime Manga

They are highly skilled in Stata and R programming. They did an excellent job in preparing the reports. Provides prompt and patient responses to any queries or questions. Highly Recommend.

Ong Quan
Assistant Director, Health First

We needed to do causal effect research using NSS and NFHS data from India. They cleaned data, prepared a proper methodology, used machine learning tools and provided greater insights for our research question. Did a great job.

Independent Researcher

I was struggling with my job as the job required advanced use of software's like R. I didn’t know how to even clean data. They helped me to secure my job. I can write programs in R now. They were true saviors.

Junior Assistant