Thematic area #3

Social Sector

We can perform both primary and secondary research for the firms, corporations, or government sector. We can apply various methodologies and help you to answer your queries through our well-developed research services. We offer a range of services- data collection, data analysis, desk research, literature reviews, secondary research, statistical consulting, report writing, presentation and provide recommendations.

Research based on Gender

We provide a varied level of research based on gender dimensions. Research that features gender sensitivity can in turn contribute to more effective and sustainable development initiatives. We offer the recommendations and evaluate the impact of policies on gender.

Inequality research

Our research focuses on a range of aspects of inequality. We consider all forms of inequality, including income, gender, ethnicity, wealth, geography, disability, and age. We believe that many types of inequality are commonly linked and affect how people see fairness, rights, and their own identities. We review policies and recommend policies to reduce inequality.

Research based on Wages

In terms of wages, we provide a wide range of research. We compute wage elasticities, the role of bonuses, and other related statistics. We evaluate policies’ effects on wages and make recommendations.

Other social sectors

We conduct other social sectors related research also like health, income, and poverty.