Exploring International and National markets for Trade

Conducting market study of national and international markets.

By providing empirical evidence and strategies, we help businesses to enter markets and expand. In addition, we offer a critical analysis of existing market players.

In this integrated world, global value chain linkages are increasing. Every economy has a relative comparative advantage in the production of goods and services. Therefore, there is a need to analyze the global value chains and trade among countries to help businesses setup and expand their horizons. It will provide a probability of your business success conditioned on macroeconomic factors among the two countries.

Comparative analysis of national and international markets.

It is another branch that aims to help businesses understand the threats, weaknesses, strengths, and opportunities. One of the integrated factors is the government policies and their impact on your businesses.

We also prepare reports for policy recommendations that may help a country and a business expand exports or engage in global value chains.

Despite having a higher level of exports, sometimes the revenue is so marginal that it takes longer to generate profit. Thus, a critical analysis of existing market players as well as understanding their strategies could help bring innovations to your businesses.  


Analysis that we can support for your business and research needs: