Corporate Training

What we do

We offer wide-ranging training programs for employees in the corporate / academia sector.

We provide the following services like Using Stata to explore big datasets like NSSO, IHDS, UKHLS, Statistics for Data Analysis using Advanced Excel, Parametric and Non-Parametric Analysis using SPSS, Meta-Analysis using R and Stata,  Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp and Web Scraping and Crawling in Python. We can also customize the course to meet the needs of your company.

Benefits of corporate training

Corporates hire freshers from the colleges who had not much experience working on real-world data. Thus, we offer training programs as per the company’s requirements to build their future assets and save costs. Additionally, it offers help to understand the new techniques and software available in the market. It minimizes risk as the employee could gain skills by being involved in the corporate training program provided by us.

Training programs

 We do the following programs for the corporate sector, and this can be accommodated as per the company’s requirements: